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AJ McKee: Bellator Grand Prix Sleeper

In MMA, devastation is often the only road to prosperity. The belt itself augments any fighter as champion, but the contenders in the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix are fighting for a real prize now that the million-dollar purse will also be awarded. There are some favorites to win it all including the champion himself, who has had some back and forth with the young contender. Though the two-weight champion is one to be revered, do not overlook this young man. 

The Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix contenders better be looking over their shoulders for the Mercenary, AJ McKee. On Saturday December 21st, the he will look to showcase why he was given that nickname. Trained by his own father, McKee’s story is not uncommon in the world of combat sports. This is something he was bred to do since a child and shows a hunger to see all challenges through. 

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McKee’s technique still needs a bit of work. Being best will come eventually, but right now, the key to spring-boarding himself into the spotlight is to separate himself from the other prospects in the sport. His relevance matches up and comers like Maycee Barber, Aaron Pico, and James Gallagher, so McKee’s best bet is to continue to give exciting performances. At the moment, he seems to be the sports most skilled prospect. He has the style and expressions to stand out in the U.S. market, but he will need to win to stay there. This may or may not be a lot of pressure for the young talent, but he has more to gain as a prospect than he stands to lose. 

These are the type of runs that define your reputation with your hardcore fanbase. Some of the biggest names in this sport were winning titles by 25 on major platforms. Years from now, if McKee can capitalize on his own talents, fans and media will look back at this tournament as a pivotal moment in his career. The bond made with fans before fame is often stronger than fans gained after. The fans are more forgiving and carry your career forward even after defeat. However, after investing so much time into you they still want a return on their investment: and that return is a string of wins.

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A lot of times, athletes seem upset at the decline in their fanbase after defeats. They seem to perceive the decline to mean that all fans only want to watch you if you win. On the contrary, sometimes their fans only want to watch them win. It is a fighter’s glory that fans want to be a part of, and AJ McKee has the talent to give lot of fans what they are looking for.

Every event he is a part of, AJ has the chance to become the fighter that fans believed was special before everyone else did. In a way, that makes them special. McKee seems to be the sort of prospect to dominate for the better part of the coming decade. It will all depend on the statement he can make on Saturday night in Honolulu.

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