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Alberto “El Patrón” Rodriguez: The True Pride of Mexico

Un pequeño cambio amigos, jaja, después de mi Alberto trumpeta con todo y peluca jajaja, mas mis múltiples fotos sin camisa aquí en Phoenix 🤷🏻‍♂️aquí les dejo una foto con 2 de mis pasiones, trajes de vestir y autos… diferentes etapas, situaciones y momentos ,pero como siempre viendo hacia delante, aprendiendo de lo bueno y malo de cada etapa para encontrar ese balance de paz en cuerpo, mente y alma para seguir disfrutando de este hermoso viaje llamado vida. 🙏🏻 . . Yes amigos believe it or not, I HAVE MY SHIRT ON IN THIS PICTURE 😂😂 different picture, time, situation and always learning from the good and bad to continue enjoining every single moment that this amazing ride called life has to offer. #behappy #workhard #loveyourself #loveyourfamily #respectandlovegod 🙏🏻

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The Pride of Mexico, an interesting term to break down for this matchup. Tito Ortiz (20-12-1) flies the Mexican and American flag but with Ortiz being an avid MAGA supporter who proudly wears the red hat, it’s clear that the Mexico born Alberto El Patrón (9-5) epitomizes the spirit of the Mexican people and rightfully earns the nickname. As the Pride of Mexico, Alberto El Patrón looks to return to the cage for the first time in 9 years exclusively for Combate Americas. He hopes to gain a victory over the former UFC champion this Saturday at the Payne Arena in McAllen TX only on PPV.

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In this era of racial tension, fewer things stand against the Mexican and Latinx people more than the MAGA leader and its brand. Seeing El Patrón choke the life out of Ortiz may feel like a small personal victory for those who have been personally victimized by the brand and its ilk. In reality, this may be Alberto El Patrón‘s best way of securing a victory as 67% of his wins have come by submission compared to Ortiz’s 20%. With Ortiz’s long career as an accomplished wrestler, El Patrón seeks to neutralize the particular style by bringing in expert wrestler, Ryan Bader, to help with his training camp. The warring sides have made their way out of the cage and to the top of the political spectrum where both opponents have invited their respective world leaders to attend in their favor.

SiSiSi amigos, today I had the privilege, THE HONOR of training with this 2 titans, legends of the sport @ryanbader @cbdollaway Thanks for for welcoming me in your awesome gym, thanks for passing your knowledge, thanks for kicking my ass, I know I will only get better, faster, stronger if I continue working the way we did it today… GRACIAS AMIGOS 🙏🏻💪🏻🙌🏻👊🏻 . . Amigos, si, como lo pueden ver estoy en un campamento de entrenamiento elite aquí en #phoenix #arizona🌵 Con leyendas del deporte del MMA, hoy fue un día de patear y que te pateen el trasero, de aprender y mejorar para llegar en condición óptima al final de año para mi pelea en la jaula sagrada de @combateamericas 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 . Amigos no olviden que hoy hoy hoy tenemos #combateguadalajara Y no se lo pueden perder por que como en todo evento de combate esta noche será una inolvidable de MUCHA MÁS ACCIÓN SISISI.

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Tito Ortiz invited the President and the first family to attend the event going as far as asking that two of #45’s children walk Ortiz to the cage. Ortiz told TMZ, “I’m inviting our president.” He continues, “I invite you, please to come to my fight … I guarantee this time, we’ll get a knockout. We’re true Americans that do it the right way.” With Ortiz championing the American way, it’s only fitting that El Patrón support the United States’ southern neighbor, Mexico. In a quick interview with TMZ, El Patrón said, “I invited the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Mexican president is coming for my fight.” Speaking on Ortiz, El Patrón states, “You have Mexican blood all over your body, and you hate Mexicans and Latinos coming into this country.”

Una de mis fotos favoritas con mi ídolo, mentor e inspiración…escucho a mis amigos hablar de su papá y decir que su supere héroe es un hombre que no lleva capa… Pero el mío, mi viejo si lleva capa,máscara y botas…por su fuerza, valentía y sacrificio que dio por nosotros, ES MI HÉROE…MI ÁNGEL GUARDIÁN por siempre protegerme en la noche y en el día…MI MEJOR AMIGO por que me ama sin importar mis errores y siempre está ahí sin esperar nada a cambio, y como me dijo el cuando yo tenia 5 años…yo siempre estaré para ti en las buenas y en las malas. Este es mi súper héroe, su nombres es El 2 CARAS, un hombre íntegro, leal, amoroso y que siempre a lidereado con el ejemplo, este es como dice la canción de @_vicentefdez , este es el hombre que más me amo. 🙏🏻 . . They say heroes wear no capes… well, mine does…cape, boots and a mask…MI HEROE cause he’s brave, strong and always willing to do the sacrifices you have to do when you love someone, MI GUARDIAN ANGEL, day and night always by my side and my BEST FRIEND, because regardless if I’m right or wrong he’s always there to guide me, he loves without asking anything in return and he always lead with the example to be a good man, with pride, honor an respect. This is my hero, the legendary Luchador DOS CARAS, my old man, pops or like the famous Vicente Fernandez Mexican song says, HES THE MAN THAT LOVES ME THE MOST 🙏🏻

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The tension and its implication are that Ortiz has denied his Mexican side in favor of the American. El Patrón, who now lives in San Antonio, TX with his family, doesn’t see a reason the two sides can’t live in peace. It doesn’t have to be one or the other when there is plenty of room for both to thrive. El Patrón continued, “I was born in Mexico, but made in America.” El Patrón is alluding to his start as a luchador for AAA Wrestling in Mexico City. Being the son of legendary Luchador, Dos Caras, he began a burgeoning career in Mexico and Japan as Dos Caras Jr. but it wasn’t until he moved to the US to work for the WWE as Alberto Del Rio where he became the first Mexican born WWE Champion that his legacy as the Pride of Mexico truly began.

In between these stops in the squared circle for professional wrestling, Alberto El Patrón raked up an impressive mixed martial arts career. With stops in Deep, Pride FC, Cage of Combat and more, he remains one of the few MMA fighters to ever fight while wearing a mask to honor his Lucha Libre persona of Dos Caras Jr. Along the way, he has earned 3 knockouts and 6 submission victories and though he lacks the sheer number of fights that Ortiz has, El Patrón has a similar win/loss record which should make for a even bout. In the end, it’s the respect for his heritage that has kept El Patrón in the mainstream consciousness as a masked fighter in any form competition he chooses and the reason the people of Mexico continue to champion him.

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The ideology of the modern American political lifestyle continues to be at odds with people not only from Mexico, but Central America, South America, and around the world. The solution isn’t as easy as who can land the knockout strike or choke their opponent into submission. Seeing as how this is the only visual representation we have on the current struggle, it’s no wonder the tag line for Combate Americas Tito Vs. Alberto match-up is “What Side Are You On?” and may be the brief respite we receive in this time of real political and racial strife. ■

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