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Caceres vs. Peterson: Fight Preview

Alex Caceres (14-12) will be duking it out with Steven Peterson (17-11) in the feature preliminarily bout for UFC on ESPN 4. Caceres is longtime UFC veteran who has fought in numerous preliminary fights and fought the likes of Sergio Pettis, Jason Knight, Yair Rodriguez and most recently Kron Gracie. Peterson is an MMA veteran that has fought in various organizations including Bellator, Xtreme Knockout and both Legacy and Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Caceres, who carries the nickname “Bruce Leeroy,” came into the UFC through The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck. His Jeet Kune Do base makes his striking style difficult for conventional Muay Thai and Boxing practitioners in MMA. Caceres is also well-verses in Brazilian jiu-jitsu holding submission wins over Damacio Page and Sergio Pettis. He’s currently coming off of a submission loss to Kron Gracie.

Alex Caceres on “The Unknown Room” via Unknown MMA.

Peterson has been in professional MMA since 2010 and has been on the radar for UFC fans since his 2017 appearance on DNA White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. Throughout his career, Peterson has fought some high profiles figures within the Texas MMA scene such as Caio Machado and Ryan “Riptide” Hollis. He is a well-known submission artist with knockout finishes to his name and has a highlight reel omoplata finish against a very tough Cody Williams. In the UFC, Peterson has fought Brandon Davis, Matt Bessette, and most recently Luis Peña. Fans and enthusiasts tend to recognize him for the Superman tattoo on his chest.

Steven Peterson photographed by Unknown MMA.

Fans can perceive the bout between Caceres and Peterson as a classic striker vs grappler match-up. Peterson has looked proficient with takedowns and submissions with his past fights. Caceres has displayed high-level footwork and technical knowledge with striking being able to execute spinning hook kicks and other fast attacks in the competition. Caceres also has more experience with the UFC’s talent pool and some of the best striking accuracy amongst bantamweights in the UFC. Peterson’s ability to neutralize Caceres movement and range control will be key in their fight.

Both fighters are trying to bounce back from recent losses with Peterson fighting his way to climb up the UFC’s rankings and Caceres possibly trying to solidify his legacy before he leaves the sport. Both will be fighting on a stacked ESPN card in San Antonio.■

Steven Peterson

Peterson signing posters for UFC San Antonio photographed by Unknown MMA.

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