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California Love – Urijah Faber

December 14th is just days away and this will be the 2nd post retirement fight from Alpha-male Urijah Faber. The orthodox fighter will be ringing in the new year with new opponent Petr Yan. Faber’s reputation is more than just a fighter. He’s a new father, a fiancé and businessman. He’s also a down to earth person that’s able to clown on himself for that infamous butt chin of his. 

March 14th, 2019 — Urijah Faber’s fiancé Jaslyn Ome delivered a baby girl that would be named after her father’s fight name and the golden state, Cali. Baby Cali has got to be the best motivation of 2019 for Urijah. A new father at this age means his professional career will definitely becoming to an end soon after collecting a few more checks and W’s.

A post shared by Urijah Faber (@urijahfaber) on Mar 14, 2019 at 1:04pm PDT

After retiring in 2016, Urijah being the professional fighter he is, couldn’t help but make a return on July 13th, 2019. The California Kid delivered a 1st round TKO against the whirlwind Ricky Simon at UFC Fight Night 155. Some were shocked by The California Kid from that quick finish against Simon. That victory made MMA history, Urijah Faber is now the only fighter to have a win after being inducted into the UFC hall of fame. Can he get the job done this Saturday at UFC 245?

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I’m a huge fan of Faber but I have to remind myself not to sleep on Petr Yan. Faber can easily get caught by Yan’s jab or spinning back fist. The man packs a powerful punch. Yan’s strikes are vicious, they remind me of Steph Curry’s no setup 3 pointers; precise as a motherf***er! Petr Yan will stay true to the name, it’s going to be a NO MERCY kind of fight. But with that said, Faber has the fight knowledge to still come out on top. I’m excited for this fight and want to know what the outcome will be for both of these fighters careers after UFC 245. I assume Team Alpha Male will continue to thrive.


So what is next for Team Alpha Male in 2020? Many talented fighters are sure to bless our fight nights this new year. Cynthia Calvillo just came off a draw decision against Marina Rodriguez. Back to training for her but Cody “No Love” Garbrandt will be coming through with possible hometown fight in March, at least that’s what he wants. Will Dana sign off on that? Who will he fight? Nobody comes to mind but I will definitely be watching when he comes back to represent Team Alpha Male.  By the way, Faber has a program that allows you to train with pros. If you find your way to Sacramento Ca, be sure to check out the gym.

Via Team Alpha Male Instagram.

This year has been great for The California Kid, let’s see if he finishes strong. His 13 years of pro fight experience could be the edge needed for this upcoming battle on Saturday. UFC 245 will be the biggest fight card of the year and I’m ready for it. Be sure to look at UnknownMMA staff picks, our team has mixed opinions on who will be victorious and how. ■

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