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Cringe IS NOT the New Cool

This week we’re going to talk about the elephant in the room, Henry “THE CRINGE KING” Cejudo (Bruce Buffer announcer voice). This dude has been wildin out on social media and annoying just about everyone. I’ll give it to him though, “Triple C” is out trying to achieve superstar status, I can’t knock his hustle. But why should I feel second hand embarrassment? How long will “Triple C” keep this behavior up before he humbles himself? Who’s going to shut it down or bend the knee to “Triple C”?

A post shared by Henry Cejudo (@henry_cejudo) on Jun 12, 2019 at 11:00am PDT

We see you Henry! We’ve seen the absurd call outs. Inter-gender Champion? I doubt he could dodge that “Bullet” in the octagon. Diapers, bottles and bedtime stories for your belts? Lame! The shirts? Well, the shirts aren’t that bad, but being EXTRA is definitely Henry Cejudo’s MO these days. What bugs me the most is that it’s so unnecessary. I mean, we’re talking about Henry Cejudo, who at one point was the youngest American Olympic wrestler to win gold and is now the UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight champion of the world. This is the same fighter that lost to Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson in the first round at UFC 197 but stayed very active until he fought DJ again and went the distance at UFC 227, winning a close split decision. He showed what conditioning and heart gets you. Also having a wrestling background helped in that fight. So who’s next?

The Cringe is real 🤦🏽‍♂️ @HenryCejudo. U can Triple C Deez nuts swinging over your face while you’re laying on the canvas. 👸🏼 #goldmedaldeez — Urijah Faber (@UrijahFaber) July 14, 2019

Personally I would like to see “The California Kid” fight Triple C. Urijah Faber is fresh off a win against Ricky Simon and looked dominant in the 46 seconds it took to finish him. It doesn’t look like there will be much recovery time for Faber. We all know Urijah would be down to fight the cringe king. But “The Dominator” vs Triple C sounds interesting too. I think getting beat by either of these fighters would humble Henry and bring him back to the basics; fighting instead of talking. However that would not be an easy fight for Dominick Cruz or Urijah Faber. Triple C is feeling himself these days and would probably project that confidence in the octagon. With that said, it could be easy for Henry Cejudo get in his opponent’s head and throw them off their game.

However, Henry will have to defend his Flyweight belt or risk getting it stripped. The current number-one contender Joseph Benavidez is ready according to Dana White via MMA Fighting. In 2016, Benavidez defeated Cejudo at The Ultimate Fighter: Tournament of Champions Finale. Since then, both fighters have continued to progress their skills and are different fighters today. There is more on the line now, more money, more pride and way more corniness to come. Joe Benavidez has said numerous times that he just doesn’t like the guy and has referred to Henry Cejudo as a “doofus” in the past.  Who knew the Doofus was just a younger “TRIPLE C”?

No matter what was said between us before this battle I gained so much respect for Henry after our fight! Watching his performances and seeing what he’s done for this division (the one that I’ve been fighting for since it’s beginning) I have only gained more respect! Henry – other weight classes will be there but ours is still not certain. We have the power now more then ever to keep it moving forward and bring the respect it/we deserve! We represented for the flyweights that whole TUF season and delivered in our fight! (One of the hardest of my life and I know you feel the same) and we also did that on Saturday in Brooklyn! I want that belt, I was the first person to ever fight for that belt and I know the competitor in you wants to try to avenge the loss to me on your record! But like you said it is bigger then us … if you believe that to be true then this is the only option to keep this division moving forward, for all the current contenders, up and comers and the thousands dreaming right now of becoming the UFC Flyweight Champion. @henry_cejudo

A post shared by Joseph Benavidez (@joejitsu) on Jan 21, 2019 at 4:18pm PST

All cringiness considered, when it comes down to it, whoever Cejudo fights they will have to go to war. That man loves the glory and will do what he must to defend that gold. Henry is hungry for it, he wants to keep the name and will put the work in to remain a champion. Everyone needs to get used to seeing the cringe king do cringe king thangs. If that means having 2 barbers shaving his beard at the same time or calling out more women fighters, or even publicly asking out Valentina Shevchenko AGAIN, so be it. Until he gets rocked, this is what we get from Henry. RIP THE MESSENGER. HELLO TRIPLE C.

A post shared by Henry Cejudo (@henry_cejudo) on Aug 1, 2019 at 5:03pm PDT

Jazz Martinez, UnknownMMA

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