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Exclusive Interview: Ariane “Queen of Violence” Lipski UFC Debut in Brooklyn

By Alexander Castro, Interview by Amanda Sanchez

Ariane Lipski will be making her UFC debut on January 19th, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, against Joanne Calderwood in a debut that many MMA fans have been anticipating for a very long time. The 24-year-old Curitiba, Brazil native is the former KSW women’s flyweight champion and is currently riding a 9-fight winning streak dating back to March of 2015. Lipski was originally slated to make her UFC debut back in November at UFC Fight Night: Magny vs. Ponzinibbio, against Maryna Moroz, a bout that fell through due to an injury sustained by Moroz.

Lipski is known as “The Violence Queen” for good reason. Lipski is a well-rounded finisher with a brawling-based attack. She carries a magnitude of power in both hands, and is most effective when closing off the cage to her opponents and aggressively marching forward. She is capable of unleashing vicious shots from awkward angles while also disguising her power shots with jabs, knees and low kicks. She is also very deadly in the clinch, carrying a vicious Muay Thai technique and using her knees with great effectiveness. Her striking style is very akin to that of Amanda Nunes, in that when she’s at her best, she’ll control the octagon and unleash hell on her opponent. Many people believe that Lipski’s fan-friendly style, combined, of course, with a significant winning streak, could soon lead her to a title shot against current UFC women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko. After all, there is a reason that she’s fighting a top 10 contender in her debut.

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via Instagram: Ariane Lipski

Amanda Sanchez of Unknown MMA conducted an interview with UFC fighter, Ariane Lipski who is debuting this Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Brooklyn, NY.

Note: Some of the text has been edited for clarity.

How do you feel about this fight?

I feel happy and confident with this matchup, especially because she is also a striker. I think it can be one of the best fight of the night.

How do you feel about your UFC debut fight being on such a huge card for the organization? (In terms of it being the first ESPN+ card)

I’m very happy with this opportunity, it shows how much they recognize our work and they know the quality of our performances. I will be there to give a show.

How are you feeling about traveling to New York for this fight?

I’m very excited. This is my first time in U.S., so everything is a new experience to my life.

How long have you been training martial arts?

I’ve [been training] martial arts for 9 years.

What drew you to martial arts as a profession?

It was natural to me. When I decided to focus on my training I look for my trainer Renato ‘Rasta’ and at his gym everyone was training BJJ and striking focusing in MMA, so I did the same and things [got] started.

via Instagram: Ariane Lipski

How has weight cutting been going?

I’m learning to deal better with the weight cut, every time it gets easier for me. I’m very well oriented by my nutritionist Carol Crozeta and my doctor Ulyssea Menezesto make a healthy weight cut for my fights. The final part is the worst one, but I did it so many times that I got used to it. I see it as a part of my job.

Your last fight was last March, how eager are you to get back in the octagon?

I’m very motivated to get in the octagon, show how much I’ve improved in [these] months and the great job I’ve been doing with my head coach, he makes me feel prepared for this new phase.

I expect a war. Ariane Lipski

How do you feel about the matchup against Joanne?

I believe it can be one of the best fights of the night because we’re both strikers with big hearts, we both fight to win and finish the fights. I expect a war.

How has preparation for the fight been?

My camp was done in Curitiba at Rasthai with my trainer Renato Rasta. He decided to finish the camp in California at Rafael Cordeiro’s gym. I am very confident because I trained with the best at my weight class, always putting myself in tough situations to get in the best shape until now. I feel prepared.

What do you think your biggest advantage is going into this fight?

I think it will be my knockout power and my submissions. I can finish this fight anywhere it goes.

What do you feel is next in your career?

We will go step by step, fight by fight until I get a title shot.

A post shared by Ariane Lipski (@arianelipski) on Dec 10, 2018 at 8:13am PST

via Instagram: Ariane Lipski

The main goal of Unknown MMA is to highlight things people may not know about fighters. Is there anything you’d like people to know about you that you haven’t been asked?

I want people to know that my nickname is Queen of Violence but I’m very calm person and all that violence stays only inside the cage. I’m a totally different person outside the cage.

In your eyes, what’s something “unknown” about Mixed Martial Arts?

People don’t know how much work is involved behind the scenes. How much the athletes give up just to be there and they get judged only for the results. People don’t understand that the most important is the path and the learning we get from each fight. It is a massive team work, especially with the coaches and masters. We own a lot to the athletes that did so much for the sport in the past and fighters are forgetting about it. They are losing respect for their trainers and losing all the martial spirit of the sport. That’s why MMA seems so commercial this days.

Is there anyone you’d like to shout out? (sponsors, team, etc.)

Thanks to my sponsors: @rasthaioficial @checkmate @socialqueen @farmamiligrama and all people that are working with me @tfpatrickcardoso,@treinadorbrandt, @linnusinstitute, @carolcrozeta @contatopatriciaolliver, @thefactorygym @estudioserenita @studiomsistershair @rafael.richter.339 @mouthexbr and @braziliankingsoficial

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via Instagram: Ariane Lipski

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