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Fury 41: Devastator Audrey Wolfe chases Featherweight Gold

Audrey Wolfe is an emerging MMA talent but is no newcomer on the international, U.S. or regional circuit martial arts circuits. She is a Ringside World Boxing Champion, Women’s National Golden Gloves Champion, and a Paul Murphy National Boxing Champion. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, she is a No-Gi Pan American Champion. These are only a few of her accolades.

In 2011 she began training in BJJ and formally began her journey toward establishing herself as a world class contender at 135lb and 145lbs. She will compete for her and Fury FC’s first women’s featherweight title at Fury FC 41 on December 20th but is already a very decorated competitor at the amateur level.

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Wolfe has enjoyed victories via KO, but she can do it all. In one contest she rolled underneath her opponent’s hook, jumped onto her back, secured a choke and chaperoned her from her consciousness as she fell face first onto the canvas. Wolfe shows a zeal for this triumph in my recent interview with her stating “It was pretty fun. It was a good one.” This is the type of talent that is emerging from Mezger Martial Arts.

When asked why she waited as long as she did to become a professional mixed martial artist she stated, “The main reason was weight”, and “…I wanted to get experience in MMA”. She also wanted to ensure that she could make the contract weights of 135lb and or 145lb at the weigh-ins the day before her contests. She was used to competing upwards of 150lbs after same-day weigh ins for boxing and jiu jitsu.

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When training for her bouts Wolfe prepares both to impose her will on her opponents, and to neutralize their strength(s). In Duncanville Fieldhouse, on Friday December 20th Wolfe will look to overwhelm her opponent Courtney King and start to break her down earlier than her previous opponents.

In her last two fights she had first round finishes, but the fights prior, regarding her overall pace in both striking and grappling Wolfe expressed, “Earlier in my career I probably was too conservative”. She says that she is comfortable competing, but maintains that, “You are not right in the head if you don’t get nervous to some extent, but at the same time I think I was letting people get off too much on their game… You want to prepare for the best and the worst.”

Wolfe says that she is flattered to be competing for the inaugural title in the main event, but she does not necessarily feel more pressure going into this bout. She is dialed in as usual.

Her opponent King has almost ten amateur bouts including a pro defeat of Colbey Northcutt who was supposed to be Wolfe’s opponent initially. Wolfe expressed her discontent with being passed up for the opportunity to hand Colbey her first loss. “It’s funny… the fight that she had with Colbey Northcutt I was offered, and I said absolutely yes I’m in.” She explained that the matchmaker from LFA (which was Legacy at the time), “called me and they were like ‘Oh, well actually Colbey wants an easier opponent’, and I was like excuse me?” I suggested that it was flattering to be avoided so early on in her career, and Wolfe replied, “Is it? Is it? I was, yeah pretty frustrated and then I saw that she lost anyway, and I contemplated sending the matchmaker a message saying I guess you didn’t find an easy enough opponent.”

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The respect for King however is not lost as Wolfe admits that this will be the most difficult fight so far. “It’s cool that I’ve gotten to have you know the first-round submission or knockout, but at the same time it’s fun to be tested and I know Courtney will be a challenge, so I’m excited”.

Calm and brimming with confidence I asked finally whether she thinks this fight will go the distance. Going into a title fight a lot of fighters say that they expect a war etc. but Audrey Wolfe wants her fans to know, “That’s not the plan. I don’t see the need to let it go that long.” 

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