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Johnny Walker. Untitled. Unmastered. Unknown.

It’s not often that two uniquely diverse worlds unintentionally blend together to create undiluted rising popularity for both parties. Long before Conor McGregor elected to bring Proper Twelve whiskey to Spirits store shelves and UFC canvases, whiskey and MMA had already begun to organically market themselves mutually throughout the birth and continuance of Johnny Walker’s MMA career.

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Ironically, the method of visualizing an exceptional MMA fighter is comparable to the ancient crafting method that has been developed by Johnnie Walker whiskey distillers over centuries. A lengthy process of timing, heterogeneity, and maturation at the right time to create maximum impact are what makes both of these brands alike. It’s conceivable that fate (or the MMA Gods, as fans like to call them) just so happened to give both of these entities the same name. To add to the paradox, early in his career, Walker earned a deal to train and live in Scotland, which is the home to Johnnie Walker whiskey.

Johnny Walker has won the attention of MMA fans rapidly by eliminating combatants very early into his short amount of UFC matches. With two official UFC fights, (Not counting Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series) it has only taken Johnny two minutes and twelve seconds to TKO/KO opponents Khalil Roundtree and Justin Ledet, earning him the rank of the #15 best Light Heavyweight in the world. While it is still very early in Walker’s UFC career, one quick scroll down his full professional record should tell people exactly what to expect from him. Simply put, when it comes to Johnnie Walker whiskey or Johnny Walker the fighter, too much will cause a blackout.

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Recently, a brilliant Reddit contributor scientifically calculated the UFC’s most efficient knockout artists by using a formula of KO Power = 100*(T+1.5*K)2/S with T being TKOs via punches, K being KOs via punches, and S being significant strikes landed. By this formula, Walker is the most efficient hitter in the UFC with a score of 62.50 surpassing Francis Ngannou with a score of 43.60. The rest of the top 15 can be found below for all who would like to debate the scale or add their own two cents.

After making quick work of Justin Ledet in just 15 seconds at UFC Fortaleza, Walker was firm on getting back into the octagon immediately. Exactly one month from his breakout win, he will meet Misha Cirkunov on March 2nd at UFC 235. He has stated in previous interviews that he would like to go the distance with Cirkunov to prove that he is capable of grinding out wins. If Johnny wins here, it will not only be his 3rd UFC win in a row, but also his third consecutive performance bonus in the organization. The win would also provide excitement in a division many fans consider to be inferior to the likes of the talent in the Lightweight and Welterweight divisions. Light Heavyweight title holder Jon Jones has dismantled 205ers since making his first UFC appearance. With few new interesting prospects on the rise, it’s important for guys like Walker to get dominant wins to state their case for getting a crack at the GOAT.

True Maroon Johnny Walker Label for Johnnie Walker Whisky by Chica

If Johnnie Walker was at the pulse of cultural phenomena, they’d understand that it’s a no brainer to sponsor Johnny Walker. The alliance would greatly benefit both parties that already have so much in common. While the whiskey has been around for ages, it never hurts a global brand to align itself with a fresh new face to show that they are paying attention to what’s happening in current times. For Johnny, it would propel his superstardom further by linking him to company with a long lineage of crafting a great product. Who knows, maybe they could even create a new label specific for Johnny and his very marketable personality and fighting style. The sponsorship should be a no brainer but ultimately whatever is next for Walker will depend on his performances as a ranked fighter. Whether a fan of MMA, whiskey or both, enjoy and consume responsibly. And yes… That means do not “WOO” at a UFC event if you’re in attendance.

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