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Super Meli: A Combate Phenomenon

The blood, sweat and head trauma make you forget that martial arts are just that; arts. The purest forms of expression are usually nonverbal. Dancing is seen as a more sophisticated art form by many, but the martial disciplines just as tacitly showcase a person’s spirit for their audience. On December 7th a young phenomenon will demonstrate this concept at the highest level. With under ten professional fights there is still more for her to prove, but her audience will have the opportunity to bear witness to an embodiment of swagger itself.  

A post shared by Combate Americas (@combateamericas) on Dec 2, 2019 at 4:22pm PST

Melissa Martinez is the wonder kid that media and coaches have been fantasizing about for years. Right along with talents like Aaron Pico and James Gallagher, she is projected to be something special at already such a young age. Her movement is something you would see in a movie: a shuffle here, a shuffle there, quick feint, side-step, blitz, she makes the fight look choreographed. Her combos are fluid, her movements are sharp, and her intent to hurt is quite pronounced.

When she stuns her opponents she swarms, and you can see her grinning as she digs into every shot to put down the woman in front of her. Melissa Martinez is a violent woman, but also patient. Melissa Martinez is a treat for us all. Melissa Martinez is the future of this sport. If you do not have a DAZN subscription it is imperative that you get one if you have a fear of missing out.  

This talent has been budding for a little while now and there is no one fighter to which you can compare this prospect to. Confidence emanates from every one of her movements and it appears if Martinez can continue to get even a little better every year, she will put on world-class performances for at least another decade.

So, “What is Combate Americas? I don’t speak Spanish. Who even are these fighters?”. Thank your lucky stars folks, their is coverage in English. Julia Peña is commentating. Tito Ortiz is headlining, and a WWE ‘Superstar’ is taking on quite a challenge.  

A post shared by Combate Americas (@combateamericas) on Dec 2, 2019 at 12:39pm PST

You do not want to miss a card headlined by the sport’s first organic star in Tito Ortiz and what could turn out to be Latin America’s Brock Lesnar. Picture yourself five years from now watching Martinez in a high-profile title bout and you never took the time to pay attention to her. All your friends swear by her, and you are stuck asking “Who is Melissa Martinez?”. She could be fighting someone who is very popular, and you pick against her. Now you look like a fool, the way countless others did when Holly Holm finally brought down Ronda Rousey. Cannot have that, you want to always be in the know. Even more importantly, she will compete for the inaugural Strawweight title this Saturday.

Here is Unknown MMA giving you the scoop on who will likely define the new standard of performance in the sport for years to come. Look at how fortunate you are. When you are a contender or champion on the biggest stage, the punches and kicks are not enough to draw attention. However, when you are a prospect like Martinez, they are enough. This is the bout to watch out for in the Co-Main Event on December 7th. ■

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