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The Troubled Tale of the LHW GOAT: Jon Jones

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Who is Jon Jones?

Many postulates have been made about what will enable Jon Jones to stop sabotaging himself. Fans who support the champion want to keep him from harm’s way. They advocate for patience from the media and fan base. His followers explain that Jon is simply troubled and that he is trying to find his way. Other fans demand immediate and severe punishment. They maintain that he is a recidivist who constantly breaks laws and has not been penalized harshly enough. To them, Jon Jones is rotten to his core and incapable of change.

A post shared by Jon Bones Jones (@jonnybones) on Feb 8, 2020 at 7:12pm PST

Whether he is or is not a bad guy, he is certainly the pound for pound king of career-defining screw ups. Whether it’s something good or something bad, Jones gonna Jon Jones. This much is clear.

Multiple news sources confirmed that Jon Jones was arrested for a DWI and a gun charge. At the very least, no one was harmed this time. It seems like he was bored and idle. If this was his first offense, it would not be as condemning. Unfortunately, Jon commits infractions like there is a deadline to them. 

Jones’ Public History

On May 19, 2012, TMZ reported that Jon had totaled his vehicle after crashing into a pole and being arrested for a DUI. UFC Tonight aired a list of Jon’s slip ups a few years ago as well. If nothing else, there seems to be a pattern here. 

In 2011, police cited Jon for driving with a suspended license. Then in 2014 Jon had a brawl with Daniel Cormier. Jon tested positive for cocaine a few months later. Brett Okamoto confirmed that the Nevada State Athletic Commission fined Jones and Cormier $50,000 for that brawl. A $25,000 fine followed a few months later for Jones’ positive cocaine test.  

A post shared by TMZ (@tmz_tv) on Mar 26, 2020 at 9:53am PDT

To be fair, there are plenty of fighters who would come to blows immediately in a rivalry as heated as the one between Jones and Cormier. Even Stipe Miocic would probably give someone a shove, and he is quite the gentle giant.

The hit and run in 2015 was the biggest let down for many. Here is TMZ’s headline, “Jon Jones -Suspect In Hit & Run … Pregnant Woman Injured”. No one wants their name in the news for drunk driving: even worse if they commit a hit and run. As a man, harming a woman will make you feel bad. Harming a pregnant woman will make you feel worse. Harming a pregnant woman and fleeing the scene would damage most men emotionally.

So here we go again Jonny boy. First off, if you did nothing wrong and were “innocent“ then you’d have never been suspended. You’ve had to stand before these people and arbitrators so many times it’s insane. So you slipped again, how many times can one man slip? I’ve been tested 70 times and I haven’t slipped once. How do you explain that? And on top of all the cheating you’ve done around UFC 182, UFC 200 and UFC 214 that’s not even the straw that broke the camel’s back. You are actually a SNITCH! You think you’re the only one that’s been offered this deal? No, you’re just the only scumbag low enough to take it! Which one of your teammates did you tell on to get this joke of a punishment from USADA! I thought there was nothing lower than a cheater but it’s not surprising that you show me a whole new level. You’re a cheater and a SNITCH! Get off my page and go do some coke, or steroids or whatever you losers do in your spare time. #doublechamp

A post shared by Daniel "DC" Cormier (@dc_mma) on Sep 28, 2018 at 7:58am PDT

Of course, many hoped all three of these factors would arouse enough guilt and self awareness in Jon to fix his behavior. It seems that ever since then, Jon began racing to make penance for his wrongdoings before his next failure.

Jones’ Brand & PR

Technically, it has been five years since Jones has been cited for a crime. However, he failed two drugs tests for performance enhancing drugs in addition to everything I just covered here. — Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) March 20, 2020

Despite these very real cases, Jon Jones continues to present himself as a God-fearing and generous man, with a tendency to get a little wild. This makes sense considering his family background, but failing to acknowledge these mistakes as character flaws harmed his brand permanently.

Jon Jones would be much better off being The Bad Guy at all times. After getting another DWI there is just nowhere to go from here. Jon Jones did this to himself. Jon Jones continues to do this to himself.

A post shared by Jon Bones Jones (@jonnybones) on Mar 13, 2020 at 11:32am PDT

Without a doubt, the Nice Boy marketing approach is out the door. Sanctimonious fans cannot support Jon. Parents steer their children away from him. Despite this, fans who cheer for villains will not commit to Jon. They will not get behind someone who insists that he is “one of the good guys”.

Ultimately, everyone can rest assured that Jon Jones will continue his behavior. All Jon has to do now is decide whether or not he wants to profit from the rage he excites. Also, no one can think any less of him now. Anything else he does will be considered inevitable. Jon has money, titles, and records, so all he has to do is provoke the masses and sell some pay per views. His public relations staff is out of options.■

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