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The Unknown Room: Ep. 002, Roxanne Modaferri

In the second installment of The Unknown Room, Rory is joined by the “Happy Warrior” Roxanne Modafferi.

We discuss: Her Lithuanian descent (00:31)

Pro Wrestling and perhaps trying her hand at it in the future (01:00)

Being a Pioneer of women’s MMA and her legacy (02:16)

Her feelings on the TUF house fights not counting towards her professional record (04:21)

Roxanne reveals which opponent she has faced who possessed the most power (05:34)

Roxanne answers some rapid-fire questions about her teammates at Syndicate including best dressed, biggest prankster, the team DJ, and who throws the coolest techniques in practice. (07:59)

AJ Matthews (MMA fighter and Syndicate Muay Thai Coach) obsession with playing love songs during practice (10:25)

The matchup vs Antonina Shevchenko (11:03)

Roxanne reveals how she spent her first UFC 50k performance bonus (13:31)

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