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UFC 228 Experience and Q&A

Hey guys!

In the video below I answer your questions from my experience at UFC 228!

  1. Is Diaz and Porier lacking promotion because the McGregor and Khabib isn’t getting any?

  2. How is the Black Beast? Is he intimidating?

  3. What fighter’s size shocked you?

  4. Who was your favorite? Did anything funny happen?

  5. Who smelt the best? Who had the best shirt?

  6. Out of the fighters you did meet if you could’ve pulled one aside and spent more time with them which one would you choose?

  7. Friendliest fighter and not so friendly.

Thank you guys for asking me questions and caring about my UFC 228 experience! If you have any more or want to make this a regular thing/think a podcast would be cool let me know here or on twitter @mandanicol3!

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