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UFC 261: Usman vs. Masvidal Fight Preview

Jorge Masvidal’s (35-14-0) life may be meme’d in comparison to the cinematic excellence that was “Scarface”. It’s an excellence that doesn’t come without time and certainly it’s due process. Battle-tested and “Gamebred”, it’s no wonder why the masses of MMA casuals and fans were able to get behind him — even if his way of doing it wasn’t the right way. The ruggedness and authenticity behind his way of going about fight promotion that have secured him as one of the UFC’s biggest names and attractions. Regardless if he was scruffed up, short-haired, long-haired or draped in a Versace robe, Masvidal is always looking like the man most have come to praise for his style and crowned with the name of “street jesus”.

Across the octagon for the 2nd time, will be the farthest thing from an angel and the closest thing to whatever that dude’s name was that blasted Tony Montana across his balcony launching him into a pool of his own blood. Nigerian born Kamaru Usman (18-1-0), the welterweight champion, will be looking to “put the nail in the coffin, once and for all” and prove himself, in a division that GSP once reigned supreme, that there’s a new GOAT in the welterweight division.

One thing is for certain, in a night where these men will headline a 3 title fight card, The belt is for the taking and whoever walks out with it, the world will be theirs. The two men meet this Saturday, April 24th in Jacksonville, Florida at UFC 261.

Cover photos courtesy of UFC | Kamaru Usman | Jorge Masvidal

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