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[UFC] What’s the point of interim titles?

To begin this article, I’d like to refer to the wonderful, confusing world of boxing. Right now, who’s the world title holder? Of any weight class. Don’t know? Currently, there are about 19 of them in each weight class in each promotion. The idea of a “world champion” in boxing is so diluted, if you asked anyone this question, they could give you a name and there’s a good chance they’d be right. 

Which brings me to the UFC. Made evident by the passing up of Colby Covington (14-1-0), the current welterweight interim champ, and next in line to fight Tyron Woodley (18-3-1). But the fight with Tyron isn’t happening, instead Woodley will meet Darren Till in September in Dallas, Texas. Covington had to undergo a nasal surgery and wouldn’t be ready to fight until November or December. The UFC had the opportunity to make the unifying title fight at Madison Square Garden in November or even the end of the year card in December, but they didn’t. Instead, they chose to give Till (17-0-1) a title shot. Records aside, Covington currently holds the interim belt. In September, however, as soon as the cage closes, he will be stripped. So, what does this mean of interim belts? If we’re not giving interim title holders the next shot, what’s the point? It’s possible that it’s diluting the importance and value of UFC world championship titles.

This is in no way an endorsement or sympathy plea for Colby Covington, his out of cage antics are one thing but it’s no denying that we are seeing a watered down version of UFC titles. Seemingly, interim title holders should be next in line to unify the belts. With all of this being said, dear Mr. Dana White, please don’t make the same mistakes boxing promotions have.  

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