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Unapologetic: Nate Diaz

Cover photo courtesy of MMA Fighting/Esther Lin

A series documenting Latinx mixed martial artists’ contributions outside the cage.

Bad hombre. Cholo gangster. Delusional. Nate Diaz has been called many things, but as a family man, community leader, and entrepreneur, nothing defines him more than unapologetic.

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As a man of Mexican descent, American fighter Nate Diaz has an innate understanding that family holds an important role in the Latinx household. Going as far as not asking his mother or girlfriend to watch his fights, he places their mental health above his own ego to ensure they are okay mentally. On his training partner and brother Nick Diaz (a leader in his own right), Nate said “He’s my guy. That’s my bro and I think he’s the best fighter in the world.” And as a newly minted father, Nate has begun a new journey that will see him leading the next generation of the Diaz family towards triumph and prosperity.

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But for Nate Diaz, family isn’t restricted by blood. His hometown community has been a source of knowledge and inspiration that despite its own troubles and misfortunes, Nate has never turned his back on. Pulling from his own experiences of often taking jiu-jitsu classes just so he could be treated to a meal, he has taken the opportunity to help the local youth who may otherwise have trouble in the streets or at home. The legislative award was given to Nate Diaz and team by Assemblyman Jim Cooper who represents the 9th district covering Stockton and Lodi. With his dedication to his hometown, it’s easy to see why Nate Diaz is seen as an upstanding member of the community.


So what’s next for Nate Diaz? The creation of his own company which is a leader in the use of CBD-infused plant based super nutrition of course. Nate and Nick Diaz created GAME UP as a way to promote and sell CBD which Nate has found to be instrumental post-fight as it aids in battling inflammation and recovery. He believes in it so much, he pioneered its use in combat sports leading to “Nate Diaz rule” which has seen CBD removed from the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) banned substance list as it no longer considered a performance enhancing drug. Ever the trailblazer, Nate went as far lighting a CBD joint (with no THC) during his open workouts session. It’s not common to see a world class athlete smoking just days before competing, but he is dedicated to changing the way athletes are treated and how they recover.

From humble beginnings, to community leader, to CBD entrepreneur, Nate Diaz is a proven role model and leader in his community and his sport. Whether he is delivering a Stockton slap or smoking CBD, Nate Diaz truly lives and epitomizes being unapologetic.■

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