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Unknown MMA and Female Fight Fans Interview

Amanda Sanchez of Unknown MMA and Erin McKelle of Female Fight Fans sat down this week to discuss inspirations and details about each of their respective websites.

Provide details about Female Fight Fans.

Female Fight Fans is a platform designed to awaken the fighter within.

We’re trying to bring combat sports to a wider audience, in a more fun and approachable way. The idea is to talk about MMA and the like in ways that aren’t necessarily always so literal- we break down fights and talk about the dirty details of fight life, but also the broader implications and goals of martial arts; empowerment, health, wellness, self-improvement. We also use these ideas to make MMA more approachable and to introduce the sport to an audience who could be interested, but need to

What made you create this website?

It was one of those entrepreneurs stories where I saw a need from my own experience and decided to fill it.

I discovered MMA randomly, by picking up Ronda Rousey’s memoir and, over the next year, fell in love with the sport. I started training martial arts may be a year or so after that and found so much strength from learning how to fight. I wished I had discovered this stuff when I was younger, going through really tough times. I remember being 12 years old, being sexually assaulted, and then turning to self-harming behaviors like binge eating in order to cope because I didn’t have any other coping skills. I realized how powerful martial arts is for self-empowerment and saw myself transforming into a much more confident person through training.

I wanted to find ways to bring more women into martial arts since I only discovered it through a mainstream media crossover of sorts and knew there had to be other ways to make it easy for those not in these circles already to get this information. I also wanted others to see themselves as fighters too, to realize that the potential to be the greatest version of yourself and overcome any obstacle wasn’t just for the people fighting on a UFC pay-per-view, but for everyone.

How long have you had Female Fight Fans?

FFF as an idea was born almost exactly a year ago. We launched in April 2017, so we’re still under a year old!

What’s your inspiration behind Female Fight Fans?

The inspiration really goes back to the story behind why I. created the site. I want to bring as many people as possible the principles and foundations of martial arts and combat sports. This stuff changed my life and I want to both pay it forward and pave the way for others who are struggling or searching for something to believe in. The act of fighting is woven into human biology and I want to humanize combat sports so that it feels attainable to everyone.

Do you also write for FFF? What are your favorite topics to cover?

Yes, I do! I’m a writer by trade, so I think it only makes sense for me to contribute to the platform. I actually have a section called “Erin’s Blog” that curates all of my posts, since I kind of go all over the place. I use the site as a way to talk about what’s going on in my life, as a blog does, as well as the ins and outs of creating a startup. I strive to create full transparency with my readers so that they feel like they are part of the

What does your typical day look like for work on FFF?

I know it’s a cliche, but there really is no typical day! I do of course work a 9-5 day job, although I’m lucky enough to work remotely, which makes it much easier to balance it with the work of FFF.

I usually try to get through more task-oriented items in the mornings: answering emails, writing social media posts, publishing posts, before I have to really get into my day. I try to dedicate at least one specific hour in the day (but sometimes more) where I only focus on FFF tasks, which is when I knock out heavier things like podcast interviews, editing articles, or designing graphics. There really is so much work involved in a project like this that happens behind the scenes, so my focus depends on what the biggest immediate priorities are. One of my goals for this year is to develop more of a firm workflow system for myself since I am naturally a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type.

What is the goal for your website?

I don’t know if there’s one broad goal, other than to bring martial arts to more people. I saw how much this sport and even ideation made such a difference for me in all areas of my life and if I can make that same difference for even one person, I’ve done my job.

What are your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019 really are driven towards monetization. I realize that we need to be financially sustainable in order to continue to grow. I am looking to have some kind of investor or partner by the end of the year.

I also want to expand my own personal brand and stake in the website, by going over into the competitive side of martial arts. I think that through my own journey continuing to expand, I can expand my message and platform that much further.

Where can people get in touch with you? (Social Media links)

You can follow all of our content on all platforms @femalefightfans. The website is and we’re on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, social media wise. We’re currently looking for new contributors, so if you’re interested in writing for the site or being a part of the project, contact us here.

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