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Unknown MMA’s Fight to Watch: UFC 242

In a division that never fails to surprise and has its fair share of infamous moments, the UFC’s lightweight division has been home to some of the greatest to ever step foot in the octagon and this Saturday in Abu Dhabi. The arguably greatest and most dominant lightweight champion steps back in the octagon against his most worthy and battle-tested opponent.  The champion, Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov (27-0) VS the interim champ, Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (25-5-0, 1NC) will lay it all on the line inside a one-of-a-kind arena that has many convinced was built for moments of which could unfold this Saturday at UFC 242.

A post shared by Dustin Poirier (@dustinpoirier) on Aug 2, 2019 at 9:02am PDT

This may be all too familiar for some movie fans and to the “interim” champ, it is. This scene has been played out before. As he made reference to this week – where an American travels to foreign/enemy territory to dethrone a dominant and almost unbeatable foe. A classic amongst many, especially fight-fans, Rocky IV made us all into believers and what seemed like the impossible was made possible.

A post shared by Dustin Poirier (@dustinpoirier) on Sep 1, 2019 at 9:01am PDT

This Saturday the cameras will be rolling and the world will be watching, it won’t be a movie though and only one will leave undisputed. For Poirier, its simple but at the same time complex because Khabib’s game plan for most, if not all, of his 27 fights has been to wrestle you to the mat and impose his will. Eventually tiring you out and basically making you give up (i.e. Conor McGregor). Knowing his recipe for success is the simple but complex factor is that 27 have tried and all have failed.

Я хочу почувствовать его скорость и силу. Мы начнём в стойке, а потом посмотрим, что я буду делать. Этого никто не знает. Борьба есть борьба, но мой план на бой – прикончить этого парня. Вот, чего я хочу. А там посмотрим. ▪️ @khabib_nurmoghomedov P, s (ПРЯМОЙ ЭФИР НА БОЙ ХАБИБА выложу на мой телеграм канал друзья. Так же взвешивание и много чего уже интересного происходит в нашем телеграм канале. Переходите по ссылке в описании профиля и будьте в курсе подготовки к #ufc242)

A post shared by Хабиб Нурмагомедов (@khabib_nurmaghomedov) on Sep 2, 2019 at 6:18am PDT

Nurmagomedov’s constant pressure is draining and takes a toll on his opponents, especially in a 25-minute battle.  However, “pressure” is all Dustin Poirier has ever known. In life, he’s felt the pressure of growing up in Louisiana and constantly trying to be better even when the odds were against him. When it came to the octagon, he faced the pressure of facing several setbacks, which could derail him but he never lost sight of what he could be. All that pressure created a champion and it’s no coincidence he goes by “The Diamond”.

Unfortunately, someone’s run will come to an end when only one of these men gets their hand raised. Will it be Khabib; The organization’s most dominant and undefeated champion who with every title defense cements himself as one of the greatest to ever do it and add to his legacy. Or, will it be Dustin Poirier; The “interim” champ, who did it the hard way by staying active and is only second to Michael Bisping in total fights with the UFC prior to getting his first crack at the title.

Both men know what it takes but only one will come out the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. Be sure to tune in live on ESPN+ for an early start time (in the states) and find out if “the diamond” will shine brightest in the biggest moment of his career or will enemy territory along with the pressure of Khabib be a little too much and cause him to shatter. Be sure to tune in this Saturday, September 7, 2019.■

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