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Unknown MMA Staff Picks for UFC 243

Main Event: Whittaker/Adesanya Castro Whittaker/TKO/3 Dimas Whittaker/TKO/2 Marlowe Adesanya/TKO/4 Acevedo Adesanya/TKO/3 Wade Adesanya/TKO/4 Carter Whittaker/TKO/5 Scaffidi Whittaker Martinez Adesanya/TKO/3 Dueñes Whittaker/TKO/2 Foreman Adesanya/TKO/3

Co-main: Iaquinta/Hooker Castro Iaquinta/DEC Dimas Hooker/DEC Marlowe Hooker/DEC Acevedo Hooker/DEC Wade Hooker/DEC Carter Iaquinta/DEC Scaffidi Iaquinta Martinez Iaquinta/TKO/2 Dueñes Iaquinta/DEC ForemanHooker/TKO/2

Tuivasa/Spivak Castro Tuivasa/KO/1 Dimas Tuivasa/TKO/2 Marlowe Tuivasa/TKO/2 Acevedo Tuivasa/TKO/1 Wade Tuivasa/KO/1 Carter Tuivasa/KO/1 Scaffidi Tuivasa Martinez Tuivasa/KO/3 Dueñes Tuivasa/TKO/1 ForemanTuivasa/KO/1

Jumeau/Lima Castro Lima/DEC Dimas Lima/DEC Marlowe Lima/DEC Acevedo Lima/DEC Wade Lima/SUB/3 Carter Jumeau/DEC Scaffidi Lima Martinez Lima/DEC Dueñes Lima/SUB/1 ForemanLima/SUB/2

Tafa/De Castro Castro Tafa/KO/1 Dimas Tafa/DEC Marlowe De Castro/TKO/3 Acevedo Tafa/TKO/1 Wade Tafa/TKO/2 Carter De Castro/KO/1 Scaffidi Tafa Martinez De Castro/DEC Dueñes De Castro/DEC ForemanTafa/KO/1

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