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Unknown MMA Staff Picks for UFC Fight Island 8

Cover photo courtesy of UFC via instagram.

Main Event: Chiesa/Magny

Castro Chiesa Acevedo Magny Wade Chiesa JazzChiesa Chica Magny

Co-main: Alves/Lazzez

Castro Lazzez Acevedo Lazzez Wade Alves JazzAlves Chica Alves


Castro Villanueva Acevedo Moreira Wade Moreira JazzMoreira Chica Villanueva


Castro Araujo Acevedo Araujo Wade Modaferri JazzModaferri Chica Modaferri


Castro Schnell Acevedo Nam Wade Nam JazzNam Chica Schnell

Murphy/Silva de Andrade

Castro Murphy Acevedo Murphy Wade Murphy JazzMurphy Chica Murphy
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