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Unknown MMA Staff Picks for UFC Vegas 12

Main Event: Silva/Hall

Castro Hall/DEC DimasHall/ TKO/2 Acevedo Hall/DEC Wade Silva/DEC ChicaSilva

Co-main: Mitchell/Fili

Castro Fili/DEC Dimas Mitchell/Dec Acevedo Mitchell/SUB/2 Wade Mitchell/SUB/3 Chica Mitchell


Castro Holland/SUB/1 Dimas Holland/TKO/1 Acevedo Holland/TKO/1 Wade Holland/TKO/1 Chica Holland


Castro Hardy/KO/1 Dimas Hardy/KO/1 Acevedo Greene/SUB/2 Wade Hardy/TKO/1 Chica


Castro Green/DEC Dimas Green/DEC Acevedo Green/DEC Wade Green/DEC Chica Green
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