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Wolf Tickets or Not? “Chaos vs Gamebred”

A post shared by colbycovington (@colbycovmma) on Jul 14, 2017 at 1:30pm PDT

After Jorge Masvidal’s victory over Nate Diaz at UFC 244 a victory for Colby Covington at UFC 245 could set up a title fight between two seemingly ex-best friends. Jason Marlowe and Jazz Martinez, two California Bay Area representatives of UnknownMMA, have a difference of opinion on where the truth lies in their “friendship” and we’re here to debate it!

Jason: I’m calling wolf tickets on Colby & Jorge not being friends anymore. It wasn’t long ago they were talking about the possibility of fighting, both saying they would only do it if the title was on the line. Now that they’re close to it actually happening, they understand they have to appear to be foes and build drama.Jazz: I say no wolf tickets. Jason seems to think this new feud is something Colby and Jorge cooked up to make things a little more interesting inside and outside the octagon. I keep trying to tell him there is definitely bad blood, Masvidal is a real one. Colby, on the other hand, loves playing the part and is fake AF.Jason: Colby is definitely playing the part, but I’m convinced Jorge is happy with Colby playing the heel while he plays Street Jesus. I’m sure Jorge means it when he says how he beats Colby will make what he did to Askren look merciful, but Jorge says things like that no matter who he’s fighting. The difference is in his mannerisms when speaking about certain people. For instance, his hatred for Askren building up was very real. When Rogan had Jorge on his podcast his body language and tone of voice was a lot stronger, it was evident how annoyed he was when Rogan mentioned Ben’s name. I don’t see that same energy when Colby’s name is mentioned, like it’s a joke instead of something that truly angers him. Jazz: This is real too though. It’s easy for friends to turn into rivals! I’ve seen that play out before. There isn’t always a need to react or put that energy out even if you don’t mess with them anymore… Also Colby may not even truly believe all the trash talk he says but those digs about the BMF belt being the journeyman’s belt, or calling him a 50/50 fighter, just might get Colby a 3 piece and a soda. If Colby can pull off the win at 245, this fight could happen sooner than we thought. A few months ago this wasn’t even on my radar. That being said, I think if Jorge has bad blood with someone it’s real. Jorge doesn’t have to lie kick it.Jason: I think both could see it well before us and planned for it. Of course it was possible one of them fails on the path, or both fail, but both being at ATT they had to consider the possibility of them both meeting at the top if they kept winning. When Dan Lambert saw Masvidal knock out Askren and Colby beat Lawler, that’s most likely when they got serious about separating them at the gym. I’m sure both Colby and Jorge were on the same page, you can’t be training with or around a potential upcoming opponent. Lucky for them ATT is a large gym and that isn’t too difficult to accommodate.Jazz: You really think that’s what happened? I think that Colby was being extra and started talking way too much and Masvidal isn’t dealing with his phony antics anymore. I wouldn’t. There are plenty of people at ATT that are tired of the chaos, they know Colby is wanting a title shot but damn, shut up already. I bet Colby got really jealous that the POTUS was at UFC 244 for Jorge’s fight, that had to sting. Jorge didn’t even have to wear that trash hat.Jason: They’re both Trump supporters! Drama gets ratings, Trump knows that better than anybody and so do Colby & Jorge. I guarantee they understand being friends before a title fight will not make nearly the same amount of money compared to having a dramatic feud in the build up. It looks even more genuine if they start the feud way before they’re signed to fight. This is a WWE style build up at its finest!Jazz: To say this feud is premeditated, that it’s just for getting a reaction and a paycheck, you would have to think Jorge is being fake. I don’t think that’s the case! In the real world a backyard brawler that’s earned his stripes doesn’t have time to be fake. I don’t think they’d be shaking hands after they fight.Jason: You’re correct about Colby being fake with his persona while Jorge is keeping it real but that’s the beauty of their heel vs good guy story. Jorge doesn’t have to fake it, he just needs to be himself. Colby tried being himself years ago, got tired of being unknown and broke so he flipped to his shtick. Jorge tried being media crazy for a bit before he lost to Wonderboy & Maia, but once those losses happened he got quiet for a while. I guarantee Jorge is happy Colby is doing what he’s doing now because if they fight it’ll mean a bigger paycheck than if Colby was still the quiet humble guy. If there’s one thing Jorge is very consistent about, it’s saying how much he wants to get paid. Jazz: There’s a difference between being humble and having gratitude for being in the position you’re in. This character Colby is playing, the MAGA hat wearing fighter that walks around with beautiful women at all times flashing a fake belt, is not humble at all. Jorge ain’t playing that game. But I get it, money talks.

Final Statements

Jason: “If they weren’t in the same gym, I would side more with your outlook. But with a guy like Dan Lambert working with those two guys, I can’t help but think we’re all being played.”

*Chaos: Complete disorder and confusion.

Jazz: “Don’t be eating up those wolf tickets Jason, Masvidal ain’t playin!”

*Gamebred: An animal that has been bred to be game, has the will to win against all odds and never back down.

A post shared by colbycovington (@colbycovmma) on Mar 2, 2017 at 8:07pm PST

We want to know what YOU think! ▪︎ Jason Marlowe & Jazz Martinez, UnknownMMA

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